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Azorconcha is headquartered in the Azores. This archipelago, part of the Portuguese territory, offers to its people an everyday life of pronounced contrasts. Although its islands are intensely beautiful, their womb contains their own destruction in the form of 26 active volcanic systems, of which 8 lie underwater. From time to time, storms and earthquakes take place to remind us of the human condition - light and shadow, dreams and disappointments, life and death.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the people of the Azores since its origins made an eternal connection with the sea. This is the sea of pure waters and dark blue, where AzorConcha will seek the material and inspiration for her creations and products.

Our vision is to be a corporation of reference that can offer natural products respecting the marine ecosystem and promoting the conservation of the oceans.

Our mission is to provide those who honor us with their choice - our customers, a sensorial and unique experience, and additionally take them to love the sea as much as we do.