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Warren Buffett, respected American investor, said one day, "you can't make a good deal with a bad person" . Our philosophy follows a similar precept. We want to have as partners people who we can catalog as human beings with essence or, quite simply, as friends. Only with the existence of complicity we will be able to establish projects that can grow and add value to our world.

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Captain Eduino Quadros was born in the fishing village of Lajes do Pico. He started fishing when he was quite young, following the footsteps of his father. At the age of 14, he boarded for the first time the largest tuna fishing vessel from the Azores, commanded by his father. At that time fish was caught during the day and manually unloaded by night. Fishing runs in his veins because of what he saw in his childhood and for what he has lived during all these years. He knows like no one how to capture fish from the sea and then treat them as the world’s best treasure. As to his free time, it is spent taking care of "Pearl of St. Mattheus", his strong and patient vessel. In AzorConcha, Captain Eduino Quadros chooses (and sometimes supplies) our raw materials, thus providing for the development of all posterior phases.

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Vincent Farges was born in Rillieux la Pape, near Lyon, French city, and learned how to cook in two specialized schools in Yssingeaux and in Chamalières. He has worked in the most prestigious restaurants in France, Greece and Morocco. In Portugal, in 1998, he was one of the founders of the restaurant "Fortaleza do Guincho" in Cascais, holder of a Michelin star, where is given primacy to the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Vincent is, like us, a lover of the sea, and a good part of his leisure time is passed to fishing and diving. In Azorconcha he participates in product design architecting recipes that take to another level our selected raw materials.

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In 2007 three friends decided to found a shipping company, the "Fairtransportation", that recovered the old spirit of the merchant navy. Boats moved only with the force of the wind, acceptance of recruits and apprentices without experience but with desire to learn, and acquisition and transport only of special products, organic and traditionally made, as are the case of olive oil, rum, wine and the productions of AzorConcha . In love with the great sailboats they acquired and restored the ship "TresHombres", a beautiful vessel that was in the Azores on a scale of their routes that generally involve Europe, Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. At this stop in the Azorean archipelago they were able to know the AzorConcha and it was easy to happen complicity. At this moment our products travel in the basements of "Three Men".

Good winds guide you, my friends!



From very early on João Ribeiro fell in love with the image world. His professional and academic background demonstrates this. He has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. He is a professor and member of the General Council of the António Arroio Art School. He has a bachelors degree in Image and a degree in Argument obtained at the Superior School of Theater and Cinema, and a Master's Degree in New Media and Web Practices, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His resume continues but we will stop here to not be exhaustive. We are obviously proud to have him as our partner and friend. Your skills are at the service of AzorConcha's entire communication plan. For example, who do you think has created the acclaimed TUNA & WINE and GIFT BOX packaging?

A hug, João. May you be with us for many good years.