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This space is dedicated to anything that ties us to the sea. Pictures, videos, stories, news, curiosities, notes and other content will appear here to give way to the river that is born in the heart and flows into the oceans of the world

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Moby Dick

Moby Dick is nowadays considered a world literature masterpiece. In this novel – which only became a popular success after the death of his author Herman Melville - the voice of Ishmael, one of the sailors on board of the Pequod whaler, tells the story of the main character, Captain Ahab, who seeks a last confrontation with Moby Dick, a huge white sperm whale responsible for the wreckage of one of his ships and for the loss of half of his leg. Actually the plot has its roots in Melville’s own sailing experience as well as in his readings of sea adventures and the work of William Shakespeare. Captain Ahab is a character filled with a dark poetry whose tragedy lies in old fears embodied by Moby Dick. The crew couldn’t be complete without a sailor from the Azores. Winds, sea currents and the whale migration routes made the archipelago a must stop for the whale fishermen coming from America and Europe. These factors, along with the large experience and knowledge of the azorean people, saw to the circumstance that any whaler, even a not portuguese one, counted with one or two azorean sailors on board.

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Peter Café Sport

Peter Café Sport is located in the city’s historic core of Horta, in Faial, one of the nine islands of Azores. The bar is near the Faial Harbour, the fourth most visited harbour in the world, welcoming around 1.200 long course vessels yearly. It has 300 lashing points and shelters the vessels from winds coming from all directions, which makes calling at Faial almost compulsory for all the vessels sailing between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea.
 Not only is a bar/café, but also became a world reference institution – in 1986, Newsweek magazine considered it to be among the best bars in the world. In the words of : "Café Sport, a symbol of the wandering of free men along a beautiful and vast world, unlimited by race or tradition boundaries (...)." in “Azul Profundo", 1990.)

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Stanley Kubrick and pictures of Portugal

In August 1948 Stanley Kubrick was in Portugal. The boy who would become a filmmaker of great importance (Spartacus, Dr. StrangeLove, Lolita, 2001 - Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, etc, etc) had at the time only 20 years but was already photographer of the prestigious magazine Look for account of who came to our country to make a photo reportage. In these pictures we can already see the way of look and the unusual technique that would be noted in its cinematographic works.

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Rodrigo Leão and Azores

Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese musician and composer born in 1964 in Lisbon and was founder of projects such as Sétima Legião and Madredeus - the latter with great international visibility. He entered a Wim Wenders film and in 1993 embarks on his solo career along which has collaborated with musicians like Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Stuart Staples (Tindersticks).

We leave you here a link for a song of his called "The islands of the Azores." Listen and let yourself go.




The iconic surfer Jack O'Neill left us on July 2, 2017, at the age of 94. Founder of the O'Neill brand and considered by many to be one of the inventors of the wetsuit, the wetsuit currently used by swimmers. But the project he would consider most important in his life would come only in the late 1990s, when the surfer founded O'Neill Sea Odyssey, an educational program that allowed more than 100,000 children to learn about marine resources protection has they traveled on O'Neill's  personal catamaran.